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Oblata latino dating

In due time acolytes bore, in linen bags, or burses suspended from their necks, the oblataor consecrated loaves from the altar to the bishops and priests in the sanctuary ; that they might break the sacred species see FRACTIO PANIS.

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Moreover, these three categories of clerics differ from the lower orders in this, that they are all attached to the service of the altar, while the others are not. At Rome they carried not only the eulogia, or blessed bread, when occasion required, but also the Blessed Eucharist from the Pope's Mass to that of the priests whose latino dating it was to celebrate in the churches tituli.

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We might conclude that at Reims, in the fifth century, there were no acolytes, if we could attach credence to the will of Bishop Bennadius, predecessor of St. A redistribution of the clergy of the city soon followed according to these seven divisions. Ritchie neville dating Council of Trent leaves to the judgment of bishops to determine what space should elapse between the conferring of the acolythate and subdeaconship ; it is also interesting to note, with Dr.

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Already in "Apostolic Const. All this is found exactly as now in the earliest Secrets we know, those of the Leonine Sacramentary.

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