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Atmos clock going slow when dating

Each graduation mark represents about 10 seconds per day and it is best to move the adjustment lever a little at the time and wait several days or a week for the clock to adjust.

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Using the same leveling method as above, first unlock the pendulum and then level the clock until the point of the pendulum is directly over either the brass point, prick punch, or the center of the locking cup, which is located on the base. A lighter one will make it run faster. The pendulum makes anywhere from dbz resurreccion de freezer latino dating to roughly a degree swing.

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A torsion pendulum rotates on a horizontal plane, suspended from a suspension spring that is long, flat and thin. If the clock will not level within the maximum adjustment of the screws, use a shim under the appropriate foot.

Information Manual for the Atmos Clock.

This places the fork on the correct side and allows the roller to pass through the middle of the fork. Return to Index Trouble Shooting There is very little a "lay" person can do to trouble shoot an Atmos.

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Changing the mass 3 or the radius of rotation 4 affect the angular momentum, expressed by: Removing half a gram from each side will cause the Atmos clock to gain 3 min. Here the leveling must be done with the pendulum in the unlocked position. Levelling the Atmos Clock Atmos clocks are designed to work best when placed on a stable, level surface that does not suffer any jarring.

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