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His mark sanchez still dating a lot

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But make no mistake: Vote Results And when Sam Bradford took that vicious hit from linebacker Chris McCain in the third quarter Sunday, leaving the game with a concussion and a shoulder injury, Sanchez gave in once again to his most destructive quality as a quarterback: That's the way he's always been.

Even with Caleb Sturgis as their kicker, they will have a relatively easy field goal, and the lead, if they don't foul up. Just as he did, he got hurt Sunday, and the unit had to adjust to Sanchez - and struggled to do so.

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Unfortunately the reinvigorated offense wasn't enough against one of the NFL's best — and still unbeaten — teams. He declined to comment, saying he never speaks on the record after games, but he'd seen this from Sanchez before.

Nick Folk's yard field goal with Nevertheless, rather than dump the ball off to tight end Brent Celek, Sanchez tries to throw Austin open. Except after the Eagles received a half-season of firsthand evidence of who Sanchez was, after he threw 11 interceptions and fumbled nine times in nine games, they still re-signed him to be their backup.

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On what could have been the game's decisive play, Riley Cooper didn't get set on the line of scrimmage, a penalty that erased a yard touchdown pass to Zach Ertz.