Griswold skillet dating Antique and Vintage Skillets

Griswold skillet dating

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Vintage cast iron lids in general are rarer than the skillets themselves and a 9 size even more so. You can purchase mosaic gazing balls from garden stores or home imp [More] Causes of calf swelling The calf is actually the lower leg from knee to ankle.

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He died on 19 May Number 10 in this series seems to be among the missing. A shiny surface may indicate that the skillet is nickel-plated, a process that came into use around There are three primary BSR lines of dating iron skillets.

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They were heavy and unwieldy, my seasoning never really produced a nonstick surface, and I could never get my food to brown and skillet evenly. I hope that this little dissertation on identification is helpful to you as you hunt for vintage cast iron cookware!

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Second, I check to see if the pan is chipped, warped, or has any pitting or hairline fractures. Lodge cast iron skillet circa s —

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