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Most of the 4, people on board managed to flee, but 24 people remain accounted for.

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Angela Merkel, Freedom of thought, German politics, Neo-Nazism, Terrorism Contaminated chickens in Germany raise health debate A survey in Germany has shown half the number of fresh chickens bought in shops in five cities were contaminated by germs resistant to antibiotics and could pose a danger to people with certain health issues.

The two, who were picked up by LA fire-fighters, were uninjured.

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Lista de Produtos Usados: Um super beijo e fiquem Divas! The EU has said it does not want to block South Stream, but it has admitted it datings to reduce European dependence on imported Russian gas.

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It takes its inspiration from diverse masculine cultures; from the military to motorbikes and tribal leaders — to more conventional figures of authority.

The results come as the government is preparing new laws to cut down on the use of antibiotics in livestock breeding. Due for completion inSouth Stream is seen as a rival to the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline which is set to ship gas from the Caspian region to Austria.

Public transport fares have shot up too, not that many buses were available, and petrol supplies were also failing to be delivered, so those brave enough to risk the roads in their cars could not be sure they would find any young thug and rich homie dating services. We will fight you; fight your generation.

Cars, Dakar, Motorcycling, Motorsport, Other sports, Rally Spain jobless reaches record high since crisis began Unemployment in Spain rose for the fifth month in succession in December to a new record since the crisis began.

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The overall percentage was not given but last month the new prime minister put the figure at 23 percent, more than twice the European Union average. He faces multiple manslaughter charges and is accused of abandoning ship — even before his passengers had managed to scramble for safety.

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