Tomohiro ishii vs kota ibushi dating STI – NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Preview & Predictions (Okada vs. Naito & Omega vs. Jericho)

Tomohiro ishii vs kota ibushi dating

Call it charisma, call it intensity, call it whatever you want, but, that something is what separate Goto from, say, Tanahashi, Okada or even Shibata.

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I mean, the guy is a legend whatever happens from this point on so… Winner: So I have to go with the rather formidable Los Ingobernables de Japon trio, knowing that all three of them have had a great year in and that I would not be surprised if they all topped that in Will this be the start of another great year for NJPW? Pre-show New Japan Rumble: And you better believe such considerations count with these guys.

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That said there is a bit of intrigue this time, since Romero and Beretta have been teasing a break-up since quite some time now, so we could actually get some surprises here. And you can be damn sure that Makabe remembers. The only one who refused back then was Honma.

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Shibata himself has fueled such thoughts by claiming he was considering retiring the NEVER title during several interviews. Ermh, sorry, Tiger Mask W.

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Add to all that the fact Ishii, Makabe and Honma had a stellar three-way periodontologia clinica carranza online dating over the NEVER title in which delivered a string of fantastic matches and one can only come to the conclusion that this match could be much more than a simple card-filler. On a side-note, this is no a dig at Lethal, just saying that they should have either put the title fon someone fans actually cared about from the start or have Lethal team up with Naito for some months, which would have had fans care about him by association.

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