Jang geun suk dating 20111 Jang Geun Seok Confirms Comeback as an Actor in 2016

Jang geun suk dating 20111

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He will make the right time to talk about it. At face value, he said he's not dating, so that's the answer we stick by. I read the news about the rumor from naver, it's seem that the girl from the rumor was someone not in the entertainment showbiz Well, now Sukkie doesn't wear the ring anymore and he says that's he's not dating anyone.

March 17, Mary louise parker dating now, he's been caught wearing rings for different occasions on the same finger. If that ring stands as a promise to someone, then I think we can just respect that.

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He did say before that he is not one to hide his lovelife or allow his managers meddle with it, so let's just take it from there. A stylist friend of mine had said that sometimes it's part of their "styling" to ask the celeb guy to wear rings.

There's been rumors it is the same as PSH's or that they are both wearing it on the same finger Since there is an unidentified woman here it could be Tiffany, PSH, or whoever else, it's quite easy to jump into conclusions many different ways.

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I'm sure a smart boy like JGS will make the right decision at the right time. So right now we just go by his saying. He's young and busy.

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I agree with you. But can't a guy wear a ring without it meaning he's dating?

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