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The second file has all the allele frequencies for the ancestral populations, generated by the parameter K. This will clutter up your desktop in the futureā€¦but if you need to get some stuff done ASAP without knowing how to navigate in Linux, that should work. Also enter your ethnicity, etc.

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There are many things you can do with Plink. Now you are in R, what do you do?

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Here is the revised master list. The image to the left shows me doing so.

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I voluntariat per menards d xdating get rid of quotations and tabs, change it to a. You need to convert it to pedigree.

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Now the program will run. I often run many simultaneously, which I have output files for in the morning. The primitive matrix shows you Fst distances between putative ancestral populations.

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Each line has a family ID and individual ID, separated by a space, of those who you want to remove. So I typed what you see. The smaller the value, the less the magnitude of differences between two populations.

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