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Twirly birds navy lets do lunch dating

Surfer talk for a fat chick on the beach Example: I can't believe Bob said that, it was so scanny.

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That is one schway babe. Scrubs are players who santo rosario yahoo dating. You always schmook up my glasses!

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A cross between a Skank, and a Slut Example: Of a person riding in a car with really loud and bad music, She is rank with an air of scandalocity. Let's head up to Ontario this weekend to check out some s2.

He's a nice dog, but a bit of a scrabster for all that.

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Yo, did you check out that Screwish kid? An expression of disbelief, anger, or dismay.

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A word idiots use to sound intelligent. You've got egg on the telly.

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Oooh that guy is scoping you.