Backdating porsche 964 wheels Porsche 911 964 (1988-1994)

Backdating porsche 964 wheels

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Chassis-wise the car runs Turbo torsion bars and road spec Bilsteins in the original damper struts, Boxster brakes and inch Fuchs wheels with seven-inch tyres up front and eight-inch items at the rear. Amongst the immaculate metal in the pristine showroom and a few lightly modified track cars in the main workshop, there was one neinelfer that caught my eye. It has the factory passenger side cooler with fan, activated by dash switch 3.

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For comparison the Turbo had 7. The lower dash was rebuilt to resemble an earlyand the upper dash is a Coverlay cover, cleverly modified to have the all important speaker grill present. They usually did that with Race parts in the Factory.

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