Cyber dating disadvantages of e-commerce Top 10 Major Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Cyber dating disadvantages of e-commerce

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They give you shipping details but the courier services seem to have an entire round of playing passing the parcel before that most awaited package finally reaches you. Specially for a android lover.

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Its more like fulfilling a responsibility. Internet woes, Hidden Costs Alright, they say online shopping comes free, right up to your doorstep, but does it? Now those are sure to be much more than what will cover your travelling costs.

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I wish I was your Internet Service Provider. Alright, I am going far-fetched. No more surprise visits to the mall with friends and family, hanging out, spending all your money on the food and then asking dad for fund transfers. Trust me, I hardly ever use my Michael Kors Tote Bag which was ordered online for the shipping and custom costs I paid made the bag worth a Louis Vuitton.

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Pardon me for the colloquial usage of vocabulary but e-commerce ventures I have stumbled upon leave me with little choice. And trust me there are many.

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