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Hamburg hof dating game

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When you are a social salsa dancer this is part of the show. I'll prepare you a coffee, while your battery is charging and you are able to find the way back home.

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After that night, everything started to get better and better. I was feeling nothing else but guilty since pick up dating lines had to hamburg hof dating game 50 km one direction, plus another 30 km back to his place.

So, by the moment I checked the time, I realized that my last train was gone, I missed it. I mean, was he waiting for me to make the first move?

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This is my story. A very wonderful attractive well-educated and funny german guy but, according to what I have been reading, a real german when it comes about dating. You know, I've been recently having the "smile-for-no-reason" symptom. It was delayed for 15 min, so when he texted me asking where I was and saying he was standing next to the door waiting for me I couldn't felt so happier.

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Honestly, is this the way things are handled here in Germany? I opened this account only because I wanted to add a comment on a post whose writer was in a similar situation as I had yesterday night or today early morning.

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How do I tell if a German guy is interested? Since that weekend, we've kept in touch every single day, spending a couple of hours talking about everything and nothing, laughing together but all this either via facebook or sms. I had a wonderful awesome time dancing with him.

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