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But the new approach does not depend on selected individual words. Above all, lexicon is not subject to the vagaries of the kind of bateadores online dating postulates which currently dog historical linguistics.

Within Uto-Aztecan, the Takic branch may have separated about 5, years ago, and Takic may have begun its fission as early as about 3, datings sites ago Laylander I have barely touched on what different geographical distributions might show.

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Subsequently, according to Rogers, this hybrid Yuman culture spread back to the Pacific Coast. In sum, several contrasting views have been suggested: A mouth is a gaping hole or where a river meets the sea. A similar set of metaphors is found in Gaelic, though, significantly, the words are entirely different from those used in English and more often refer to landscape features.

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To which point in the evolution of language does this list apply? The higher the proportion of cognacy the closer the languages are related.

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There is some truth in Holger Pedersen's insights. Swadesh, The Origin and Diversification of Language,

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