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Speed dating red deer

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Overall, the area over which any animal will roam is directly dependent upon the availability of key resources — one such crucial resource is food. Flehmen is frequently observed in rutting deer, but is common among the ungulates and other mammals, including cats.

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Additionally, calves born late in the year were more likely to die than those born earlier in the year or during the main birthing period because they have less time to increase their body weight in time for winter. For a fascinating and detailed account of deer evolution, the reader is directed to Deer of the World: These animals subsequently evolved into two groups: This syntrophic arrangement with the bacteria and protozoa make ruminants some of the most effective animals on the planet at converting the polysaccharides long-chained sugars in grass to protein i.

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Indeed, data from mitochondrial DNA studies suggest that New and Old World deer shared a common ancestor that lived back in the late Miocene, splitting some 9.