Park shin hye and yonghwa dating 2018 spike Park Shin-hye’s past dating rumors with Lee Min-ho, Jung Yong-hwa

Park shin hye and yonghwa dating 2018 spike

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This just needs to stop. I'd be happy with anyone they end up with.

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Yongshin fans, it's fine to like their closeness and wish for them to get together as well. Videos of the couple vacationing abroad have appeared, and they reportedly visited a national park together earlier in May Just scrolling through the comments I see several people just saying "That's pretty strange how there's so many coincidences" and "I wonder how you get into the wrong car even if the license plate is similar" and then some stupid fan fight occurs with "You're mentally insane if you think they're gonna get together" and "STFU you Yongseo fans are so stupid he belongs with ShinHye".

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Stay strong guys, and don't let some of these obsessive shippers get in the way of the relationships you want to have. It's sad that in Korea relationships are hidden due to crazy fans that can't accept reality. Who is her husband? He also has great chemistry with Seohyun as well and as a fan of SNSD I'm very pleased they still keep in touch and see each other.

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I'm just stating that in general, these shippers tend to get a little crazy. It's pathetic to be honest.

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But that doesn't mean we need to post negative things to the opposite pairing and try to twist words and make more of these fake "scandals". It's sad to see comments of people talking about "Maybe Yonghwa and Seohyun are just secretly dating" and then somebody comes along and says back "Stop being mentally insane they're not dating he belongs with PSH". The beautiful Korean actress has many fans who would be interested in marrying her, however she remains unmarried in as she claims she is too busy with her career to enter into a long term relationship.

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And even if there truly is a hidden relationship, who are we to pester them into confirming it until there is solid proof like them on an actual date?