Dating a thrice divorced man advice Aries man and Capricorn woman

Dating a thrice divorced man advice

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The last two months we have more unhappiness than happiness. I hate all the waiting and hoping and wasting my life away. The sexual chemistry is great, but I'm about to call it quits with my Aries guy.

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I hatebeing treated like doormat, left with no choice, unhappiness outweighs happiness. Taurus guy would text very seldom, Aries guy flooded me with text even if I was at work trying to get attention.

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Invariably, all of them had major issues with me. You know us caps think everything has to take years, this did not.

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Because of his money situation? I tell her to tell her mom i'm the real son and law: The second time we set up to meet I went and bought a dressshoes, nails etc. One of the problems is that living in the same town, so close, meant all we could do was to meet at my house for a few hours when he could get away.

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