The notebook meme funny dating Dating Fails

The notebook meme funny dating

Some days later Noah gets into bed with Allie, who is lucid and again, and asks what he thinks their love is capable of.

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The next morning a nurse finds they both passed away in their sleep. Reception Upon its release, The Notebook was a commercial, but not critical success.

History The Notebook was released on June 25th, Tumblr blogs dedicated to the film include allthingsthenotebook [12]fuckyeahthenotebook [13] and thenotebook-nicksparks. The film is based on a novel by romance novelist Nicholas Sparks.

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In the end Allie decides to call off the wedding and return to Noah. Noah writes Allie a letter a day for a year, even as he fights in World War II, but never gets a response. As of Julythe video has gained over 3.

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She goes to see him, and while there they sleep together, and Allie reveals she never got any of his letters. But in the present day, the older Allie realizes the story is theirs, and she and Noah share a dance while enjoying her lucid moments, however she soon lapses into dementia and becomes violent and agitated.

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