Oninitdialog not called dating Migrateed MFC app from VC6 to VS2010, now OnInitDialog() not called for CPropertyPage subclass.

Oninitdialog not called dating

But strangely there was no code generated for OnInitDialog method which usually is generated if you create a new mfc dialog based application.

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But if the same thing happened regardless, I guess it didn't matter. I've never understood why there are both options, and from this discussion, only one is actually invoked.

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Overriding and accessibility are orthogonal; that is, a derived class doesn't require access to a virtual function in order to override it. You might want to clarify that first.

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OnInitDialog, it'll override it and work fine. This was what was confusing to me; which one was I supposed to do? I still remember that OnInitDialog was not being called for some reason, but the last project I tried, it worked fine.

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