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In order to financially support her dream to become a singer, she taruhan pacuan kuda online dating practice during the day and work two part times at night. She also modeled for a Samsung ad for Kim Yuna.

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She said she was popular among the customers while working at a cafe. She worked everywhere from bars to tele-marketing companies.

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You probably never knew these 10 stars went through so much before they made their first step towards the stardom status.

She worked so hard that she even fainted from the lack of nutrition and rest.

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Four years ago, she even met the original members of Brave Girls while working at the cafe. His most memorable job was dating at a goods store at a SHINee concert!

She recently revealed that she raised over 5 million won a month while working as a part time employee at a tele-marketing company.

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When she first debuted with EXID, the group was doing terribly. She says the most difficult job was putting stickers on socks.

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