Sophia bush james lafferty dating Sources Confirm: Sophia Bush Dating James Lafferty

Sophia bush james lafferty dating

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They are both my favorite on the show! The two hottest stars on that lame show! Does this news mean that we can look forward to more scenes between Nathan and Brooke in the future? If you live in Wilmington this is old news.

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Online contacted an insider from the series who told her that Sophia and James are "definitely together. Though rumors about the couple have been swirling around for months, their relationship wasn't confirmed until a recent interview with Chad Michael Murray.

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I love the girl dont gel me wrong but the whole rumor has been going on since months already, there are bigger starts out there, I dont think that anyone outside one tree hill fans care if the are dating or not so I honestly dont see what the whole deal is about. Thats 3 co-stars so far or ones we know of and 2 from the same show.

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And now it's just easy. DUDE Could they be any cuter?!

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