Siftei chachamim online dating The Tail of Vashti

Siftei chachamim online dating

Whether Esther was actually beautiful or not is irrelevant.

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My weight yo-yoed as I tried to control my eating habits with various diets, not to mention the affirmations I needed from others in order to feel attractive. In the beginning of the story of Esther, we are told of the lavish separate parties the Persian king Ahasuerus and his wife Vashti gave for the men and women of their kingdom.

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While this Midrash is enjoyed by elementary students and creates nice cartoons for animated Megillahs, it is a bit hard for an adult to digest. The most externally beautiful women were no competition for Esther's inner radiance.

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The miracle appears to be an inside-out beauty contest! As much as the secular world might have been telling me to flaunt my newly svelte figure, I was internalizing Jewish values of modesty.

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